PR Account Manager wanted.

4 December 2017

PR Account Manager

One part client contact, one part media liason and one part idea generator. As a PR Account Manager you will work to create and deliver on brilliant plans and campaigns for your clients, leading and delivering through more junior team members. As an Advocate in the agency, you will be a mentor, mediator and champion of who we are and all we do. This role reports to a Senior PR Account Manager.

Your core purpose is to:

Manage your client and your junior team members to deliver accountable results.
Create campaign plans and calendars in line with your clients objectives.
Write press releases and features, working with the media to secure coverage.

You are responsible for:

Client relationships: Gaining and building the trust and confidence of your clients.
Financial & project performance: Collaborating with the team to make sure we always deliver.
Media relations: Dealing with incoming enquiries and proactively creating them.
Writing: Producing quality, engaging, relevant copy for features and press releases.
Guide others: Support more junior members of the team, helping them find solutions that they may not reach themselves.

Why this role is important:

Your clients and your junior team members rely on your for your advice and counsel, so you’ll be making an important contribution to their businesses and careers.

What success looks like:

A client that trusts you and your strategic advice and campaigns that deliver on their KPI’s.

Where things can go wrong:

Missed opportunities: Our clients rightly expect that we have our finger on the pulse. You should be spotting and exploring every possible opportunity.
Missed deadlines: Our clients rely on us to deliver, so managing and delivering on agreed deadlines is really important.
Staff growth: As a manager, you will need to make sure any of your junior team members have clear goals and focus, always growing in their role.

Specifically, your main duties are:

Client relationships
– To be recognised by the client as a point of contact on your accounts.
– To communicate with clients through face to face meetings and regular conversations.
– To coordinate campaign timing and budgets and provide your clients with timeline and budget updates.
– To direct activity on assigned accounts, keeping clients informed of account direction and maintaining forward momentum on campaigns.
– To present work/proposals to clients with support from the SAM

Financial & project performance
– To take a lead role within the team for the profitability on your assigned clients / projects.
– To handle budgets, manage costs, invoicing clients and ensure fee levels are maintained.
– To make sure timesheets are completed on time.
– To maintain the WIP sheet and prepare coverage reports.

Media relations
– To execute media relations, social media, community relations and event planning.
– To deal with incoming enquiries and proactively create PR opportunities.
– To develop media lists and opportunity calendars.

– To write proposals for clients’ initiatives and coordinates quotations/estimates for client approval.
– To write high quality press releases and copy for features which is impactful and engaging.

Guide others
– To manage your direct reports with support from the SAM; completing regular reviews, setting objectives and identifying training needs.
– To mentor more junior team members to help them to develop and reach their full potential.
– To foster good working relationships with colleagues across the agency.
– To begin to raise your internal profile through sharing your knowledge and experience across the team and wider agency.
– To support the SAM with managing the wider CS team.

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“A doer, a deliverer, a personnel developer; but above all a great communicator!”