Max, the bearded dragon.


The brief.

As the leading manufacturer of radiator valves in Europe, IMI was ready to go to market with its newest product - Eclipse, the world's smallest automatic thermostatic valve. With an advanced balancing system, it provides homeowners with a perfectly regulated system that's also extremely quiet. IMI approached SLG to launch their new product in the European trade and homeowner markets in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

The work.

We got to the heart of heating and what homeowners want most from their radiator system - the ability to effortlessly achieve a constant and ideal temperature in their home. Taking a sideways look at heating, we discovered another creature that likes consistent comfort - the unassuming bearded dragon, which relies on a constant temperature to hatch from its egg. Enter 'Max' - our bearded dragon. From pre-campaign teaser videos, print advertising and a real bearded dragon display at IMI's official press launch, Max truly became the star of the show.

The results.


million product pre-orders...and counting


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