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Brett Landscaping

Sold almost its entire stock of porcelain products.

The challenge

As COVID hit in 2020, and the supply chain ground to a halt, Brett found itself left with a large amount of higher-price-point product.


The solution

By positioning Brett as the manufacturer of choice for porcelain paving products, we were able to deliver a message that Brett had something unique. In 2020, when homeowners had time on their hands, home renovation and improvement became one of the largest markets as a result of the lockdowns across the UK. 

Given the situation, homeowners were likely to use their new-found time online, searching for ideas for revamping their homes. The perfect opportunity then to push our campaign through digital. Homeowners picked up our digital and social feeds and bought into the idea of a unique, high-end outdoor makeover.

The result

Brett comfortably surpassed targets and sold almost its entire stock of porcelain products – making high volume sales on a high margin product. Ultimately, the campaign positioned Brett as the manufacturer of choice for porcelain paving products, and delivered sales through the marketing funnel of £2.074 million over a 12-month period.

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