Transforming brand and boosting sales for Virtuoso

The "OH SO... Virtuoso" campaign was a transformative effort to rebuild brand confidence and boost sales for Virtuoso Doors.






Best use of advertising
CMA Award 2023

The Challenge

Following a series of setbacks, including supply chain disruptions and product quality issues, the campaign strategically aligned with Virtuoso’s proposition of “Crafted Precision.”

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The Solution

Collaborating closely with Virtuoso, the SLG team crafted clear, measurable goals that worked seamlessly with the company’s overarching objectives of brand restoration and lead generation. Strategic alignment ensured that every facet of the campaign was finely calibrated to achieve these dual objectives effectively.

The team split-focused campaign strategy to deliver maximum reach across high attention media (print and digital display.) This was supplemented by performance-centric measures to be delivered by digital display (via Google Display network and paid-social) and paid search.

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The Result

By leveraging the “OH SO…” concept, SLG developed and delivered a full channel campaign that found and engaged the Installer-focused audience, encouraging re-engagement with the Virtuoso Doors brand and rebuilt trust in the business as a serious composite door manufacturer.

The campaign delivered remarkable results, achieving an impressive 1,738,927 impressions, 73,648 clicks, and an outstanding 4.24% click-through rate. It also generated 938 leads with a 1.20% conversion rate, achieving cost-effectiveness at £46.93 per lead.




of sales qualified leads for the commercial team to convert

7 : 1

Return on marketing investment (ROMI)