Every parent will tell you that they don’t have a favourite child, but I reckon most do.

I should, I only have the one.

It’s a similar story with service offerings when running an integrated agency. And while the cynical view is that the favourite service is the one that’s earning money at that moment, my background in PR means I have a huge affection for the discipline.

PR is a part of the marketing mix that is incredibly hard to quantify, even the industry itself has torn itself in pieces trying to standardise measurement, but there aren’t many big brands that have built genuine love and loyalty from audiences without a solid PR strategy underpinning all of its comms.

In a comms discipline that spans centuries and touches virtually all parts of modern life, picking just one piece of advice to pass on is a tricky business. Here’s what Anthony Walker, our PR Account Director, recommends for your brand.

If you could convince B2B marketers to try one new thing in 2023, what would it be and why?

I think the main thing would be a reminder to trust their instincts and have the courage of their convictions.

Part of being a marketer is understanding your brand, audiences and market, and most B2B marketers will be so specialist that they perhaps need reminding that they do have skill and knowledge to make a difference to their business.

We’re heading into another period of economic uncertainty that is going to need many different people with a range of diverse ideas acting to find a path through to the other side.

If you can demonstrate the role that your brand plays to bring stability and growth to your market, you’d be in a great position to demonstrate genuine thought leadership – a phrase thrown around too often in PR circles but eminently achievable with the right balance of knowledge and bravery.

Is there an industry wide issue that you feel strongly about or have a solution for? Make your voice heard on the matter.

Do you have a system, process, tool, platform, product that is only demonstrating benefits to your clients and customers? Talk about it.

Feeling stuck in a post-lockdown bubble of teams calls and online webinars? Get out and go to industry events, meet new peers, and collaborate.

Renew your confidence in your knowledge and share that with the world. As long as your intentions are good you won’t go too far wrong.

Managing Director