Momentous brand invigoration for leading construction products group


Brett Landscaping



The Challenge

This quick-fire reactive social campaign for the UK’s leading high quality paving product manufacturer Brett Landscaping was born out of three key objectives: to capitalise on social media trends, drive engagement, and maximise brand visibility.


The Solution

Given the timely and reactive nature of this multi-channel campaign (and the short window of relevance for the campaign creative) it was imperative that the piece targeted audiences that it was most likely to immediately resonate with. Running over the course of a week in September, the post featured a single image, showcasing the driveway made of Brett Landscaping products with a young schoolgirl in the background, out of focus, and cropped, effectively drawing the viewer’s attention to the premium paving. The image humorously conveyed that the driveway was the star of the photo, subtly promoting the brand.

brett back to school

The Result

The ‘Back to School’ campaign was conceived in July 2023 and leveraged the early September back-to-school trend to drive engagement and strengthen brand affinity within their target audience segments. The campaign showcases the importance of seizing timely opportunities in the social media landscape to create meaningful connections with customers.

The campaign effectively achieved its reach objective, engaging a wide audience. It garnered an impressive reach of 427,341 individuals, generating 454,153 impressions (350% above target). This broad reach was achieved with a frequency rate of 1.06, carefully balancing the campaign’s goal of maximising reach while avoiding audience fatigue.

The campaign delivered a positive ROI, evident from a cost per mille (CPM) of £0.77 (61.5% better than the target) and a total spend of £329. These metrics demonstrate that the campaign efficiently reached a substantial audience while remaining cost effective.


Impressions (350% above target)


Cost-per-thousand (CPM)


Frequency rate