Siderise’s Road to 20% growth: The impact of ‘Go Beyond’ in 2023





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The Challenge

As leaders of passive fire safety products, Sideside had an issue: despite having a loyal customer base, the business recognised the need to enhance its brand positioning and better communicate the business’s value proposition as it prepared for global growth.

Our primary aim was to reaffirm Siderise as the global authority on passive fire protection, enhancing perceptions among its target audiences.

The Solution

It became clear through insight that wider market perceptions needed to be explored, defined and understood. Our approach was threefold, involving:

1. Audience Definition & Recruitment – Recruiting professionals in key demographics to participate in the research.

2. Audience Engagement – In depth interview process.

3. Positioning Workshop – An in-person workshop with internal stakeholders

As part of the brand positioning process, SLG identified service and system as the primary focus areas to build a stronger market position. Leading with a system allowed customers to better understand how the products could be used together to maximise their value, ultimately improving the cross-selling of products within those systems (something Siderise had previously struggled to address).

The new value proposition developed, “Go Beyond,” encapsulated Siderise’s commitment to exceeding expectations and offering more than just passive fire protection solutions. This was rooted in Siderise’s technical expertise and willingness to go the extra mile for its customers. It encompassed 3 key areas, representing Siderise’s strengths as a company and a brand: technical expertise, innovative support and their commitment to their values.

The campaign’s creative execution utilised the newly devised Siderise® brand mark as a futuristic portal, symbolising the concept of “going beyond” – transcending the ordinary or expected. The platform itself laid the groundwork for future growth and improved specifier preference, positioning Siderise for continued success.

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The Result

Overall, the launch of Go Beyond has played a huge role in the business’s increased revenue in 2023, post launch. As well as significantly improving installer confidence in using the service, Siderise is expected to grow by 20% in 2023, making it the highest revenue in company history.


Increase in impressions


Increase in views


Increase in Added to Specification


Increase in BIM Object downloads