Momentous brand invigoration for leading construction products group


Atlas Roof Solutions



The Challenge

Atlas Roof Solutions approached us in need of a captivating campaign to reinvigorate its brand and boost sales. The primary objective was to position Atlas as the unrivalled manufacturer of roof lanterns, harnessing the potential of specialist glazing installers and high-end installers as the primary audience.

Despite this lofty aim, the client also had a need for immediate demand generation, presenting the challenge of the concept and strategy needing to do the ‘Long’ and the ‘Short’ of it at the same time – raising brand awareness through reach and harvesting existing demand.

CMG 21 025 Atlas Brand Campaign Creative
CMG 21 025 Atlas Brand Campaign Creative2
CMG 21 025 Atlas Brand Campaign Creative3

The Solution

Research revealed that brand campaigns designed to do the ‘long’ brand-building work are also demonstrably effective in doing the ‘short’ work of demand generation. This greatly informed the strategic and creative development.

The primary audience for the campaign consisted of “Technical installers” distinguished by their identity as true tradesmen or energised entrepreneurs. Premium products resonated with their ethos, an emblem of their dedication to excellence.

The secondary audience was made up of architects specialising in residential renovation and self-build projects – they favoured trusted products that contributed to a project’s aesthetic appeal and enhanced functionality. Slimness of profile held particular importance in their fenestration choices, aligning perfectly with Atlas’ brand message of “More Sky. Less Roof.”

Through a brand-centric approach, visual storytelling, and the use of engaging content, the right audiences were reached and drawn to Atlas’ offerings. SLG rolled out the campaign across glazing and installer titles, as well as Google Display Network and paid search, operating with a budget of £116,000.

The Result

6 Key areas were targeted in order to make this campaign a resounding success:  expanding market awareness, boosting audience engagement, elevating click engagement, driving quality lead generation, optimising conversion efficiency, and ensuring cost-effective outreach.

A print campaign of full-page ads in nine key titles built some share of voice in a highly competitive market, with £56,300 invested in print media, supported by £22,000 worth of online adverts across these publication platforms.

From a digital campaign perspective, £38,250.00 was invested in PPC and GDN campaign. The “Only the Sky’s the Limit” campaign yielded remarkable results, underscoring its cost-effectiveness and clear ROI.


Generated sales opportunities


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