Exponential growth:How PolyMax achieved a 2,352% YoY increase






Best Digital Campaign
CMA Award 2023
B2B Campaign of the Year
Prolific North Awards 2023

The Challenge

While Polypipe Building Products are well-known as a brand for designing and manufacturing a wide range of plastic piping products, they needed visibility on a new product in a competitive market. SLG’s aim was to increase sales of PBP’s PolyMax fitting, predominantly through over-the-counter sales at national trade merchants, by driving end-user demand (plumbing and heating engineers).

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The Solution

Research commissioned by SLG found that one of the key barriers to installers changing brand was a lack of familiarity: even when people knew the Polypipe brand, they still wouldn’t risk switching without having a sense of how the product performed. This was particularly true in younger, apprentice-level plumbers, whose brand choice was still malleable. The key metric in this case was to get products in the hands of prospects through sample requests.

To effectively target professional plumbers and heating engineers, we utilised Facebook’s advanced targeting options. By creating lookalike audiences from a list of highly engaged users from Polypipe’s active customer database, and several broader-reach audiences from additional profiles developed by SLG, we were able to reach and engage the most relevant users and deliver high-quality leads at a lower cost for maximum effectiveness. Crucially, it meant that we were able to capitalise on existing demand, rather than trying to build the Polypipe (or PolyMax) brand for the long term.

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The Result

Through a combination of thoughtful strategy and clever creative effectiveness, we created a ‘Mission Impossible’ style online campaign designed to drive sample requests, putting focus on generating new leads rather than re-engaging existing ones. Then, by launching a Facebook Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) campaign including two top-of-the-funnel prospecting ad sets, PolyMax’s messaging was repositioned and streamlined, resulting in improved visibility and an exponential increase in leads.

The campaign was set up as a lead generation campaign running from February until October 2022, however, the number of sample requests delivered in the first 4 months completely exceeded the agreed KPI target.

This catapulted leads from 152 in 2021 to 3,727 in 2022 – a 2,352% increase for a comparative budget.


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Value of product sales


Return on investment (ROI)


Drop in cost per lead (YoY)

“The success of this campaign has literally taken our breath away, we weren’t expecting the uptake on sample requests to be anywhere near as positive as it has been."

Julie Farmer, Channel Marketing Manager, Polypipe Building Products